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Who am I?

Introducing myself


I am able to deal with a wide range of topics, very conversant with CAD software, technical drawings and specifications, with my solid and broad technical and scientific background

  • achieved during academic studies:

2004: Master’s degree in Engineering for the Environment and the Territory (Main subjects of study: Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Energy)

  • and subsequently consolidated in more than 15 years of working experience:

From 2004 to present: Working in the fields of Environment, Mechanics, and Aeronautics industry, dealing with the management of Technical documentation, Safety, and Quality

I can really master my native language. I have excellent reading and writing skills

  • thanks to my specific training as a translator:

2018-2019: Postgraduate 1-year course on specialised translation EN>IT

  • together with a strong passion for languages and continuous learning:

From 2004 to present: After completing an advanced curriculum (Liceo Classico) with a strong focus in Italian, Latin, Classical Greek and French, I never stopped learning languages (for example I have achieved in June 2016 the Certificate in Advanced English)

… AND I AM A TEACHER TOO! (I mostly teach in Italian)

I am reliable, versatile and analytical, with an eye for detail. Test me!


Pubblicato da Claudia Sorcini - Lezioni e traduzioni scientifiche e tecniche

With a Master's Degree in Engineering and a strong passion for languages, I love continuous learning and sharing knowledge.

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